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Switch : How to change things when change is hard. By Chip &Dan Heath

Change is a very anxious verb to undertake. We tend to lose in between the journey of a change. The reason for same is not the journey but the way we undertake this journey. There are many ambiguities and due to non clarity we tend to deviate our focus. This is true for a very personal change like losing weight to professional changes in organization.
The book offers ideas and cautions to make the process more oriented, connected and clear. Few take aways from the book are as under

  • Tough times or problem situations tend to blur our vision and take a toll on our rationality. We scan for the change needed, outside than focus in the problem area itself. We should look for brighter spots and exception lists to find way to change.
  • Change process is long process. To fight the resistance during the journey ,clarity can be added by scripting critical moves. The script keeps the movement on track.
  • Destination of the change process should be clear and crisp. Specific sign boards are always best navigation tools. Avoid the subjective goals which may be always at risk of being cheated and moulded.
  • Connection of change with the people is very critical. Without the feeling there can never be cent percent support expected.
  • Make the change smaller at a time. Modular approach to any change always tends to be more successful.
  • Empower the people involved in the change. Creating growth mindset among the people helps them to see the change as a learning chance than a roadblock.
  • Problems are usually associated with people when that is rather due to the situation involved. To make a change don’t focus on changing the people but change their situation.
  • Any change can be easy if we can create habits around it. Habits are autopilot behaviour we carry along.
  • Provide the people enough change in action. Being social animal we pick cues from around us in unfamiliar situations. Make the expected change a buzz of town to see it grow.
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