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I came across the above picture in a WhatsApp status shared by a friend. The statement remained with me further and made me wonder how drastically it is opposed to our perception of sophistication.
The statement relates sophistication with simplicity but today we keep adding to the versions of everything ranging from as basic as our food to technical gadgets to make it look more refined and sophisticated. For anything to capture our attention it should have a comprehensive feature list irrespective of their applicability to us.
Each new version of a product adds new features to it. Consumer expects to add to the finesse of the product with new features. The analysis misses the underlying concept of additional complexity in it. We understand the new feature to add something new rather than additional complexity in usability and operations. A little thought about design process around anything can tell us clearly what are the must have and what are the good to have features. After a certain threshold every product reaches it’s design maximum and any further additions are just fancy details. Every purchase today is result of comparative analysis of features of different options available. Let us see simple example of most advent technical gadget, mobiles here. We compare the products across genres like the brand, OS, storage, battery, to name few. We invest thorough research in every buy. Irony of the matter is that 90% usage of a mobile revolves around the basic feature of communication through call and message formats.
We complicate the process and end up draining ourselves for no specific value add. As a consumer we are always on alert for the choice we make, may be because of the monetary investment involved in it. However, taking a paranoiac stance adds to stress for us. Major heartbreak happens if the researched acquisition turns out to be not as good as expected.
This is valid for other life aspects also like food choices or clothing. At times, we add on these parts just to comply with some standards. Changing with time and adapting to new things is desirable and growth oriented. However, the additions should be driven from within rather to match some version upgrade requirement.
The whole charade around sophistication created due to consumerism and corporate culture blinds us. We are always searching for something more fulfilling through new varieties. Varieties are good to add to fight humdrum but also end up creating confusions at times. Any new addition can be worthy for us if it keeps us intact to our basic self.
We can take a cue from the above statement and check for the simplicity parameter of every choice we make next time.


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