Growth is a Process

A woman sees Picasso in a market. She goes up to him and says,” Would you mind drawing something for me?”
“Sure”, he says, and thirty seconds later hands her a remarkably beautiful little sketch. “That will be thirty thousand dollars,” he says.
“But Mr. Picasso,” the woman says,” how can you charge me so much? This drawing only took you thirty seconds!”
“Madame,” says Picasso,” it took me thirty years.”

What the tale teaches us

  1. Every perfect state or remarkable success has a long trail of struggle, practice, and perseverance behind it. When you envy the success achieved by someone, do take time to credit his grit to reach this level.
  2. In the era of social media and hyper news network, the headlines and flash captions tell us about the success points. However, there is always a story of hard work and work plan behind this success. Knowing about this journey tells us that no success can be attained overnight.
  3. We usually get fascinated by the vivacity of success surrounding the people. We become impatient when we face the setbacks in initial stages. The statement “Growth is a process and not a step”, conveys a lot to hold the ground and keep going steadily.

Reference : Story as mentioned in the book “Think like a monk”


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