What does your activity add to you?

All our activities lie in either of the two columns. The kind of stress, anxiety or calmness, compassion we feel is dependent on our conscious decision to select our activities equally in both categories. Below are the facts about both the types
• None of the categories can be ignored or called irrelevant.
• Critical point is which one we select as our focal point.
• Just try and track the percentage of your daily routine in the 2 tables. This mindfulness will allow you to bring on the track the one ignored. Ironically it is mostly the “Fulfillment” bracket. Social surroundings take care of the promotion category.
• The moment to practice each is now, at this moment. There is no supposed correct time in future for any of the two.

Overindulgence in the self promoting or self appreciative activities give us the feeling of success and fame. Alas! It does not last long and once it fades we struggle to find joy and meaning. Adjusting our routine to make good time for the self fulfilment activities can create that balance in life. Refrain from postponing the same for some illusive future.


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  1. divya sharma

    True and people always lack on the self fulfilment side and keeps on running towards self promotion..