How we give away our power

Humans love to be on the winning side, even when that winning means losing away all that you have. We usually shift the blame of all problems, stress and negativity on people or situations. This gives us a victim image and we love to play around this victim tag.

Just try to assess the various situations and which type of reaction we choose.

Holding on to our power can give us a whole new perspective to life and make us more positive person.

1. We need to remember that we have choices and also freedom to choose. It is this choice that comes in play in form of the results in professional and personal life.

2. At times we do not have enough courage to make a choice and hence we play safe by going with the crowd or situation. Later we use it to play the victim card, like I was made to do it or I have to do it for so and so reason.

3. Blaming people and holding grudges take away so much from us. The energy with which we can focus on the positive parts of our lives is lost on cribbing and stressing over the insignificant people and situations.

4. If you do not like a situation or person, say it assertively or if circumstances do not allow for such stand; just put effort in moving away from it.

5. People who share feedback are not with agenda to “malign and defame you”. They may give some positive pointer for you to improve. No one can force you to improve if you decide not to. However, examining a feedback and criticism openly can help you a lot.


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