Someone is learning from you

Describe a random encounter with a stranger that stuck out positively to you.

“Hi, where do you work?”, my thoughts were interrupted on hearing the voice behind. I turned to find a young lady smiling towards me. “I travel to cyber hub”, I murmured; to answer her question. “I mostly see you in the metro, it seems you are an avid reader.” “ Well, yeah I have been one and find it good”. “Nice, sorry I interrupted your reading, but I wanted to sincerely talk to you. Have been thinking about it for many days but held back. Actually seeing you read made me also try it so I also recently bought a book”. She took out the book from her bag to show. I could not help but smile. I am sure I might have cried also. The emotion that moment created was surreal. “Thank you once again for inspiring me, I just hope I am able to keep up this habit.” “ Ah! This is nothing, I am happy to know this.”

We departed soon and moved on our ways. This incident keeps coming fresh in my memory. It showed that your behaviour can really cause impact on those around you. You never know who you may end up changing in good or bad way. Also, I appreciate the effort taken by the girl to convey the feelings to me.


Learner for life, from life

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