Channeling discomfort to growth

Have you heard about lobsters? I am sure you must have heard the name of lobsters. If not, you may google the pictures of same to relate to the upcoming part of post well enough. The seafood lovers might be already having an idea. The process of lobster’s growth is a great learning practice to relate to.

The lobsters are soft, mushy animals; they have a hard shell around them. This shell is their natural protection coating. It prevents their soft surface from cutting and predators. However, as the lobster grows in size, the growing size starts feeling the discomfort inside the confinement of the hard shell. This discomfort becomes unbearable after a point. To relieve itself from the discomfort, the lobster breaks the shell and releases itself from same.

As a drawback of same, now the soft surface of the lobster is exposed to the predators and other dangers. To save itself from the same, the lobster hides under the rocks until there is a new shell developed to shield it.

The above process about the lobsters, gives us some noteworthyinsights into the process of change and growth in our own lives.

• The discomforts can be used as channels to bring a positive change in our lives. The distress is like stimuli for us. It forces us to think beyond the obvious.

• Suppressing the discomfort is never a solution. At times people take to suppressants like drinking, drugs or medications to suppress the stress in lives. This gives them the temporary relief from anxiety and the feeling that problem is solved. However, the issue keeps lingering and regular dose of unusual tranquil after work can never solve it. It needs to be accepted and faced, rather than suppressed.

• The social conditioning, life situations create a hard shell around our thinking and life choices. The discomfort arising out of these confined choices signals us for the change required. This needs us to shed the shell we have created and expand our thoughts.

• There is no destination point in life when it comes to personal growth and it is an ongoing process. We should always be looking for new learning, improvements in life.

• At times when we are preparing for change, we can be vulnerable. We are exposed to dangers of being judged, criticized and shamed. These fears held us back from making the call. In such times we need some people who we can confide in. People who can be our rocks and shelter us in our times of vulnerability.


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