Farewells usually bring out mixed emotions in us. On one side we are excited for the new things to explore, the other side of missing the comfort of people and known environment keeps us anxious.
Humans are social beings, accustomed to living in groups. We are very much defined by the people we surround.
Hence the decisions to move away from established connections and environment always gives us goose bumps. However change is a inevitable and inescapable truth of our life, we all have to bid many goodbyes.
From my experience of this feeling, I could summarise the following take away from farewells
• Only carry the positives from the people and place. Shed the negatives said or unsaid then and there. Don’t leave with assumptions or judgements, clear your mind from any baggage of the place and people.
• Never ever hope or try to find the replacement of people your are parting from. Each one of us is unique, respect that uniqueness. Focus on feelings and not persons.
• It’s ok to shed some tears; all eyes are blessed with water buckets.
• Keep the connection on; it may not be frequent but should always be considerate.
• Take away stories, however be cautious while naming characters in public or in your mind. What matters is the lessons learnt from the role plays, rather than who played the role.

Hope in hearts to shine in new roles
Gloom in eyes to miss the old zones

Memories that bring smile on lips
Faces that are missed in time of dips

Few eyes are innocent with tears
Some hearts are struggling with fears

Though farewells are time to cheers
Heart still longs moments with peers


Learner for life, from life