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What about your closet, Vihaan?“, I enquired when my son claimed he is done with his room cleaning.
Who is going to look inside the closet mom, I have cleared and arranged everything that is outside and visible. The room gives a appreciable and tidier look, you may have a look please”; he answered convincingly.
The incident is very similar to our approach towards life. We are always polishing the outward skills and presentation. However we leave the insides unnoticed and at times in fear of facing the clumsiness and clutter we have accumulated.
The problem is we forget that others may be impressed with the tidier look of the room but we anyways will need to open the closet sometime and hence have to face the clutter that we left inside.
Introspection is said to be the first step to heal and grow ourselves towards serenity and positivity.
As they say in the safety guidelines ,”prior to helping others please ensure your safety“. In similar way, prior to embarking on the mission to correct everything and everyone around, let us first work on inside.
As Aristotle said
Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom
Introspection is made out of two parts, Intro and Spection. Intro means inside and Spection means looking.
So introspection needs us to look inside, however it does not mean that we become critical of ourselves and lower our self esteem. We have to be patient and kind with ourselves like a mother or a teacher. We can take care of following while introspecting
• Please don’t see it as someone else’s job, it has to be on yourself and for yourself.
• We can start with practicing it on specific time of day for auditing the day’s routine. However it will help more if we can move it beyond the specific time. In the moments of anxiety and anger, rather than finding reason outside, look inside.
• The act of introspection should include a neutral outlook to our feelings rather that critical or egoistic reaction.
• We should respond to our fears and anxieties rather that reacting by suppressing them.
• Silence is a great companion in introspection. Look for the silent zones in day to day routines to connect inside.
• Be honest to yourself, don’t shy away from accepting the inappropriate. Realisation is the first step towards correction.
• Be patient and kind with yourself.
We exhaust and invest us much towards our care for others and keeping them together. It is as much needed that we invest in adding value to ourselves. An over exhausted machinery can break anytime and cause much havoc. It is required to keep oiling same. Introspection time is the care giving time for self. Take more of this time to keep yourself intact and connected with who you are.


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