Matters of Discipline

The word discipline always rings the attention alarm in our memory. Discipline is supposed to take care of the orderliness in the word. Along with this another significant attribute that is associated with discipline is its application to the outside. When we read discipline in our personal context we correlate it with the demeanor which is perfect, ordered and proper as per social behavior norms. When we want to bring the world around us in discipline we demand following time tables and routines, ordered placement of all things around us. The strictness that comes out in portrait of discipline always makes it look tough and something to avoid. We usually associate it with being mechanic and boring.
Irony is that we keep struggling to bring discipline and yet it keeps slipping. Reason for same can be found in the way it is perceived. It is seen as a burden or command being made from someone. For discipline to creep in the soul of our lifestyle we do not only need the material around us to be ordered but also the subtle system inside us to be in control. When we try to bring in some routine, keeping it as surface never helps, let it seep in and become part of you. Discipline should not be seen in the way someone does something but in the way it was perceived. Fixing methods with discipline makes it rigid and hence limited.
Someone can be disciplined even if he does not have very strict time tabled routine but has listed priorities being followed without fail. When we approach the kids for discipline we should not give them the rules, rather we should tell them the advantage of doing one thing regularly. Allow them to fix it in their routine and lifestyle. With this method, everyone imbibes more and the depth of same will never require you to monitor anything. The sense of freedom to choose and sanity to see right and wrong is the biggest behavioral attribute.
Discipline is not only to make marching steps coherent
It should also make you focus on intent

Discipline is not only in keeping the material in its place
It should also engage your gaze on internal nuisance

Discipline is not only in following the time table
It should also make your efforts sincere and capable

Discipline is not only in perfecting the demeanor
It should also keep the subtle peaceful and clear

Discipline is not only in pulling strings around you
It should also watch the turmoil inside you


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  1. Yogendra

    Nicely penned pratiksha.