How we choose our connections ?

Gratitude is a terrific exercise; practicing it helps you in numerous ways. No one out there can claim that he is, what he is; only because of him. Even if someone claims; don’t believe him. He is in grip of an illusion and unintentional lie. Excuse,him for his misinformation. Coming back to gratitude, so, we all achieve different goals in different areas of our choice and our interest. There is a lot that come in the way as we progress. The support can be financial, emotional, spiritual or may be in any other form. 

When I think about the pivotal gratitude point of my own life, it brings me to one thing. Whatever it was, monetary, emotions or guidance; there was one element that was centric. That one element is the PEOPLE behind that backing. The people in forms of various relations, of different ages and at different times have played a significant role in my life. To think it other way, it actually is like that for most of us.

Positive or negative; as not all add positivity, but people in our lives always have the capability to give our lives direction and perspectives.

Throughout life we create connections; we meet people through chances, reasons created out of different situations. Some stay with us; many are lost or left behind. A lot goes psychologically for creating a connection from a meeting to an acquaintance and finally to someone significant in life. There has to be some common point, some common interest may be for the connection to continue. Now, the point to be cautious here is; how do you choose to follow a connection and make it more deep. Are you swayed by swankiness carried by someone, do you grave more before committing? 

The kind of connections that we choose can give us different directions in life. It is not always a battle of good vs bad; it is basically what suits you. The connections that you have in life should match your psyche, your emotional need, your purpose and interests. It should be a thoughtful exercise to choose a connection and carry it further. 

We may look for following in a connection to see if it is for us to invest in it.

Perspective: the connections that force you to think in judgmental way can never be healthy. If someone can think in rational ways than only he or she can add unbiased opinions to your discussion. In-fact judgmental relations can lead to negative comments and hence inferiority complexes. If you are giving someone’s opinions priority; those should be rational, measured and open ended.

Energy: the kind of energy the connection brings with itself is important. If the presence is making it dull, pessimistic or regressive; it needs discussion or may be some distancing.

Objectivity: the kind of connections that we talk here are the ones that have pivotal stand in our lives. So if these connections cannot help us with clarity; it can lead to lot of confusion and chaos.

Pragmatic: is the person involved and attached enough to give you practical, thought of opinion on matters of your choice? For this to happen first thing required is whether the person himself has that approach to his own life and choices.

Love and Laughter: if someone can give you love and laughter; he or she can help you; no matter what his worldly capabilities are. For money, we have option to take loans, but when it comes to emotional and psychological needs, there is no such facility. This can only be received from the people around. The more such sources you have, better equipped you become for life.

Empathy: no two people can think on same bandwidth. No matter how connected or well integrated you are. So, to see this difference and yet understand from other’s stand point; is what empathy calls for.

We can never find everything in everyone; as we ourselves are also not that full package. However, a connection that is more than an acquaintance should bring something from above in your life to become part of it. It is always better to have a few resonating smiles, unspoken understanding glances than a crowd of confusing noises and demanding eyebrow raises.


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