Freedom or Security

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Once there lived a lady, named Mani. She had no family member but one pet bird, named Nancy. The bird and lady were lone partners to each other. Mani loved the bird a lot, shared her feelings with her intensely. The bird was also attached to the lady. One day Mani had to go out for some errand. She placed the bird cage near the window sill and left to complete her task. The weather on that day was bit stormy. There was strong windblowing from morning. Suddenly the pressure of wind broke the bolt of cage door. The door opened with loud sound. Nancy was stunned to see the gate open. It could see the opportunity to fly free in the sky. The opportunity filled its heart with thrill and excitement. It could imagine itself flying high and being free to its wishes. In next moment, though it’s heart was filled with heavy remorse, remembering Mani. She will be left alone. She has no one to accompany, I am her only partner. I get my food on time, have security from the wrath of weather. Such thoughts filled Nancy’s heart with duty towards the lady and comfort for itself. This battle of choice continued to keep it puzzled. It wanted to make a choice but there was no one point that can help it. At that moment the lady returned home and she was aghast to see the cage open. She hurriedly picked the cage,closed the gate and was relieved to retain her bird. The bird sat there, still prisoned.

The dilemma of bird in above story is a common situation faced by us in our lives. There is always a choice game going on between freedom and security. It could relate to personal, professional lives; the choice can be for ourselves or our family members.

Few things worth noting about these situations are:

1. There cannot be a correct choice here, there can be times when the security is more appropriate to choose. At other instance may be the courage to choose freedom and related struggle is more appropriate.

2. Growth never happens from the space of comfortability. Comfort only breeds stagnancy, not growth. To grow we need to bear some struggle and make space for risk.

3. As Maslow has explained in his human needs hierarchy, till we are in first three levels of need; the basics like food, shelter, income matter. These are more or less concerned with the security paradigm. Once we have grown enough in these levels, we can think about more courageous things like freedom and growth. However, one thing that can stop us from taking the plunge is our habit to remain in comfort zone.

When we decide to move beyond comfort zone we give ourselves chance to explore something beyond our imagination. As Brene Brown mentioned in her book Dare to lead, quote from Joseph Campbell

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”

Reference: Kane Ramsay Course in Udemy


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  1. divya sharma

    Nice one👍 Quiet relatable to real life situations. It depends upon the choice that suits us or is good for us at that instance, sometimes it may be freedom and some time the appropriate can be choosing wrt Security.

  2. Anupam Gupta

    Beautifully penned and expressed

  3. Rajinder Kumar link for your email find

    Sometimes we need to let go the good for achieving better.

    1. Pratiksha

      Yeah, taking the plunge is important though it comes from a place of being worried and anxious

    1. Pratiksha

      Thank you for the feedback Dhananjay Ji. Good to know you liked it.