What fountains can teach us

Picture taken from : https://garden.lovetoknow.com/wiki/Water_Fountains

Fountains are common sight as an ornamental architectural element. The history of fountains dates back to the early civilizations of Mesopotamia. With times, the design and process around the fountains has evolved. With technical advancements and improved mechanizations, they are a delight to observe. The added effects of sounds and lightening add to the glamour of these design marvels.

On one hand where the fountains are pleasure to sight, they can teach us few life lessons also through them. 

• The most significant part of a fountain is its continuous flow. A momentary lapse in following the process can bring the dance of fountain to end. In life also, to succeed and grow; we need to create continuous, disciplined and targeted efforts. Channeling our energy towards a definedcourse of action can do wonders to our learning and growth. On other hand if we divert and splitter our efforts in endless directions, there is no conclusive result.

• To maintain an uninterrupted fountain flow, it is required to keep a guard on the inlet points. In case of any clogging at inlet point, the water will be scattered out of boundaries and the flow will stop. Similar to the fountain maintenance practice, we have to keep check points on our associations with people. The people who add value, positive intent and guided passion to our lives are true treasures. If the people in our lives are adding negativity and doubts; we need to devise some strategy to distance ourselves from them before they drain us out of our energy and compassion.

• The fountain flow is simple; the pressure in the basin causes the water to move to a particular height. This elevation is within controlled parameters. The elevation is such that the water will surely fall at particular place. This water will be seeped in through the inlet points and the same process repeats itself. We also need to add to our learning and inner peace to keep moving on the path of our duties of life and duties towards others. If we are only giving away and not adding anything to ourselves, we will dry out sooner. We need to work on ourselves by

Learning new things, giving time to ourselves for our physical, material and psychological needs,being active creatively.

Hope next time when you see a fountain, you can appreciate even more. So, as the famous poet Rumi said

There is a fountain inside you. Don’t walk around with an empty bucket

Let us become the fountain that offers love, positivity and compassion; is flowing with an intent to contribute till the very end and has promised to not ignore the self that holds it.


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