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“But, mummy; it is important to practice daily, else the rhythm gets disturbed”.
“Don’t try to fool me Vihaan, not going to play for one day will not matter that much as you are trying to depict here”
“Please understand, allow me 1 hour only, else it will hamper tomorrow’s practice also.”
“No, means no, matter is settled, let us stop the topic here.”

Well, yeah I am rude at times, but I would like to say I am strict. You know, how much required it is, when you have a soon to be teenager kid.

Anyways this is not important for this story today, that we will leave for some day later.

Continuing the above story, the scene used to happen whenever we had to go somewhere or Vihaan have some exams in school. Basically, anything that needed him to miss his table tennis practice caused the above drama in home.

Fast forward to today.

“Wow, today it is going well. Yesterday, I could not hit the ball correctly. Just 2 days out of action and it seemed my hand forgot everything”, I said panting while hitting the ball.
“I have been telling that to you for so many days, but you won’t believe”, Vihaan quipped.

Well, yes; I thought. I assumed a lot and judged it not so well.

The scenario kind of helped me understand that from faraway we can never be correct in our analysis of situation. There is lot left to our assumptions or prejudices. Till we have lived the part ourselves, we could not claim to be the knower of facts.

Especially when we are in a role of someone with more experience in life. Even if that experience is in number of years on earth only. When we are elder to person, we assume we know more. Just because we have lived for a greater number of years. Indeed, the additional years add to the intuitive smartness and gut feeling, however that cannot make us the good judges of all situations. We cannot be master in all fields and hence may not be able to intercept all situations well enough till we have ourselves put our hands on that.

But we cannot live everything. In such a case it becomes difficult to fight this incorrect analysis and resultant wrong decisions. Well, I think, one way to reduce the error percentage can be to build trust in the first party.

We may try to apply the below

• If we can allow an open, non-judgmental view to the version of the other person, we can prevent being haughty for no real reason.

• At times we try to load a lot of emotions to the interaction, may be keeping the things more factual can help.

• If you have no experience in the particular field try to at-least gain some theoretical knowledge about topic. This will save being too off the mark and may help you to be bit less wrong.

• One thing for sure you can try is not to be too rigid and judgmental in your different roles of life.

Ending it with some deep words from the Greek Philosopher Sophocles

“One learns by doing a thing; for though you think you know it; you have no certainty until you try.”


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