Are you resting enough ?

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Tiredness is our regular companion. It wakes up with us and sleeps with us. If you agree with above statement fully, it is a danger sign. However, as a matter of fact this is a reality most of us face. We are always struggling to come out of the tired zones. To fight this feeling we take the recourse of rest. Rest is assumed to be the answer for coming out of the tired space and rejuvenate to bounce back with full energy.

Rest however, is understood to be more of a physical activity. If we are taking day off and staying in bed or sofa throughout day, it is assumed to be a good rest. With this approach and target in mind, we see weekend and holidays as our solution to the situation of tiredness. However, does all Mondays feel great? Are we really super energized after a break of few days?

I doubt we can answer a confident yes to above questions. But we stayed at home, ordered food out, escaped laundry, and took no official calls; ate food of our choice and saw the movie/show/game as per our choice. Then, why the energy pool is still not filled. Where is the blockage?

The problem is how we see rest. We see rest as a linear setup. However, the truth is it has layers and complexities. Physician Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith, has explained in her research and book about the different types of rest. Dr. Saundra mentions about rest being not only physical but of 7 types.

Physical, mental, social, emotional, sensory, creative, spiritual

We can redeem our energy levels to fullest only if we are able to track the need of each these types and are taking enough rest of all types.

So next time when you feel tired, don’t just look out for the corner of sofa and remote/phone. Check what you actually need and give that rest to yourself.

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