Our obsession with fault finding

One day a school teacher wrote on the board the following: 9×1=7 9×2=18 9×3=27 9×4=36 9×5=45 9×6=54 9×7=63 9×8=72 9×9=81 9×10=90 When she was done, she looked to the students and they were all laughing at her, because of the first equation which was wrong, and then the teacher said the following, “I wrote that […]


Emotional Intelligence: Part Two

• There can be 3 ways of dealing with emotions – self-awareness, over passionate, indifferent. • Self-awareness is to see the emotions as they rise. Knowing the emotions that we are feeling at the moment help us to witness our emotions and be reflective on same even in turbulent situations. • Being over passionate makes […]


Hobby Time … Now or Never..

Conversations with friends are therapy to soul. We engage in the “bare your soul” kind of discussions and can talk about everything, forgetting the apprehensions and hitches that hold us back from saying things in front of someone else. Moreover, when that conversation turns out to be a happenstance with an old friend, it ought […]