Hobby Time … Now or Never..

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Conversations with friends are therapy to soul. We engage in the “bare your soul” kind of discussions and can talk about everything, forgetting the apprehensions and hitches that hold us back from saying things in front of someone else. Moreover, when that conversation turns out to be a happenstance with an old friend, it ought to bring forth the part of us, which we have forgotten. With time, lot of things change around us but the connection with that person still carries the older version of our self. There are discussions around the old time, the part of us that was prominent at that time. Usually one distinct question pops in every case. Do you still read/dance/sing/paint/play (the verb here is person specific) etc.? The answer to this is as definite as the question. “No, where do you get all that kind of time and energy now”. Deep inside meaning, “life is so hard and cruel, it does not allow me”. Really !!!!
Each one of us has some passion, which is different from our basic professional learnings. It gels with our professional choices at times but mostly tends to differ from that. These can be as simple as playing any sports or painting, learning new dance form, travelling, gardening; list is long. This list is what we call the hobbies; something we love to do in our free time to refresh ourselves.
Once we enter the serious arena of life – the professional young person on her way to secure her future, we are always so busy and occupied. There is lot to achieve and targets to meet. The need to outsmart everyone out there and secure the best, takes the best of our time, energy and attention. In this race, we tend to forget the passions we had or there is merely any free time to give to that pleasure. Duties of life always take up the front seat. Whenever something rekindles the passion inside us, we put it on back burner giving it some future date.
We invest our most energetic youth years towards the duties and targets; and our more subtle optional choices shift to the older phase. The older phase where we do not know our chances. We keep planning for a perfect time to take up those activities someday. However, irony is that the natural and basic things are lived in the spontaneity rather than prepared set ups.
Agreed, that we have lot to do and life is demanding for all of us, but 24*7, all 365 days; we may not be that busy. The problem is not time and energy as such but the push, which we only have to give ourselves to see the need of it. It is nobody else’s business or a gain point; it is for our basic self. We become so habitual to focus on things that have targets attached to them that we do not notice the free beauty. Everything we do has some targets attached to them and we are on our way to achieve milestones daily. There should be things done just for the sake of it with no measurement parameters attached to them. Focus should be on enjoying the journey of doing the thing, we can feel the calm, and serenity it brings is to our inner self.
Who said that only material attainments could measure the achievements? We just have to broaden our view spectrum for looking out on the more subtle accomplishments.
Studies and psychologists have also pointed on the benefits of pursuing hobby in our lives. Pursuing hobbies add following positives; to name a few from numerous
• Relieving stress
• Chance to connect to self
• Lifelong pleasure
• Build social skills
• Raising self esteem
All these pluses will empower us to take care of our professional and family duties in better way. We can only emit light if we are shining inside.
So, let us try it, may be for as small portion of time as possible for us. The start point should be to bring it to our attention. Bring out those shoes, take out those pastels, feel the aroma of bake, dance, sing, play; whatever it is, but pledge to do it in NOW.


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