Talk …

किसी के मुस्कुराते चेहरे को देख,
मन में कहा “क्या बात बड़ा खुश है आज”
किसी के मुरझाये चेहरे को देख,
सोचा “लगता है कुछ गड़बड़ है आज”
मन ही मन कितना बतलाते है हम,
पर उसको जताने से कतराते हैं हम
मन में ही रह जाती है बहुत बातें,
कुछ मिट जाती है, कुछ को मिटा देते हैं हम
ज़िन्दगी के गुलज़ार में, सुहाने अफ़साने बन सकती है यह बातें,
मन से बाहर आने दें अगर हम यह बातें
एक दुसरे से सांझा करें हम
एक दुसरे क साथ हँसे रोये हम
आओ बातें करें हम ….

If we look closely at the way we communicate, we will realize that we leave a significant part of the process to assumptions. We end up doing or saying many things; based on what we assumed; by seeing something, by believing something or may be at times by framing something in our mind. In our communications, we replace the basic tool of language to silence or assumptions. We have lost on patience to talk and explain our mind as well as listen to someone else’s side of story.
We invest much time to create a persona for someone in our head by reading the silent vibes rather than talking to the person. Rationality says that a person should remain a face and name to us until we know him or her. However, we end up creating the entire sketch of person by just seeing his behavior with someone or somewhere.
We should have a benchmark on the number of hours of direct communication with the person before hating, judging or maybe adoring the person. Our views on people tend to change with the amount and quality of time spent with them. Do not create a hardened image about someone based on third party reviews. Our perception may vary from the source and in that case, we may end up carrying a negative baggage about someone with no purpose.
Therefore, we can talk more with people around us rather than doing it inside our heads. Sharing and conversing are best remedies and therapies in hard time. The happiness and goodness increases manifold if we share with others. This affects children and elderly in most prominent way. Children have very simple psychology; they look for clear directions. If they find half-said things, there is lot of space left for assumptions. Assumptions made in childhood at times lead to hardened rules inside soft hearts.
In the era of social network, we are all so engaged in sharing that it takes moat of our attention and time. On the contrary, we have least idea about things happening around us. Today the kind of revolutionary response any issue gets on social media, it appears that each one of us is an activist. Nevertheless, the reality check is that 95% of us give a blind eye to the local issues of life around us, may be our colony, our own surroundings. We can talk about the international political issues in details on social platforms; but when it comes to attending a local body meeting and discussion on the solution of issues; we shy away.
Connecting and sharing through social media is not bad or something to abhor. Problem is when it encroaches and kills the physical and real connections of life. We should focus on creating more of connections whom we can share our joy,sorrow and celebrations with.

So let us talk more and listen better to the life around us.
As read somewhere “as long as there is communication, anything can be solved”.


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  1. Nisha

    Very well said. We need not judge a person untill and unless we have spend time talking or sharing views with that particular person personally. We should not judge him on yhe basis of other’s opinion.

  2. vikas yadav

    Yes, less communication initiate miscommunication.

  3. Shikha

    Very nice ..As long as there is communication, anything can be solved true ..

  4. Rajinder Kumar

    Very well said. It’s need of the hour.