Matter of supporting

I froze at the sight of so many eyes and witty smiles looking towards me, my heartbeat rigorous, palms sweaty. I never realized this moment when I raised my hand in answer to,” who would like to volunteer for this activity”. May be I thought I can do this as I knew the details of what is to be done. The fact that it was much more than this hit me hard.
There was thunderous applause and victorious ambience as the activity concluded. I was amazed at the achievement and humbled at the win. In the span of 15-20 mins I have transitioned from being anxious to enthusiastic. In those moments of my struggle, what held me upright were few friendly winks and encouraging attitudes from the crowd. Those friendly encouragements whispered comfort to me. Though I started by taking the initiative as individual, but by the end it was a team of 100 plus people that accomplished something.
This scene from my middle school days replays whenever I see someone struggling to get support for his or her initiative. Taking initiate for something is a very courageous step. It takes a lot of effort to come out of our inhibitions and take the plunge. However no one can run the show individually. We need support and encouragement from others. There are many cases where the change or initiative die in the initial phase due to indifferent or cold aptitude of others.
We see the call for support as someone else’s agenda and hence have nothing to do or gain from it. The main point we miss here is that the person has chosen to rise above individuality by taking this initiative. Then why is it tough for us to be more supportive and empathetic towards it. Most of the cases find people behaving as dummies and showing indifference, killing the entire case.
We come across many such scenes in day to day life in offices or homes. Some colleague volunteering for a fitness week drive events on the floor. When we get the call to participate or contribute, we snub away from it. We feel the event to be organizational agenda and personal growth parameter for the individual. What is there in it for us?
If we give broad look to the scenario we have everything to gain without any responsibility. Someone has decided to arrange the things for us and in return requests our participation with perks for us also. Our bully or indifferent approach here has very damaging affect on the person as well as initiatives.
The need here is to may be come out of the “I” and “me” bubble. Every story may not relate to us but we can choose to be part of someone else’s story and still feel satisfaction. There is scope of learning for us also by being a small part in someone’s bigger story. Indifference is the biggest killer of enthusiasm. If we cannot choose to take initiative or volunteer, we can at least support someone else’s effort and achieve a lot together.


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