Being mindful

When we look closely to any method being offered for spiritual growth or lifestyle improvement, most of them preach about the benefits of meditation. Meditation or Dhyan is supposed to teach us being mindful and make us relaxed and stress free. Being mindful implies that we are in aware state while doing anything. Now this appears to be no rocket science and we all are aware of what we are up-to. However this actually is something tougher than rocket science, looking at the struggle we have following it.
Even after years of inconsistent yet permanent struggle with practicing meditation, I still find it to be a easy thing in theory but toughest in practical. With the advent of focus on the methodologies of east about meditation and yoga to fight stress , these have become the new hashtags and are talked a lot.
There are talks, podcasts and numerous books available that can guide us on being mindful, yet the goal remains faraway for most of us. We have lot of information available on how to meditate, methods and types of same. The basic form of meditation is as simple as keeping track of our breathing, yet we miss it.
We agree that there is so much chaos, struggle and stress in life. We have to live through it all, then how could a mind full of so much clutter remain mindful of something as normal as breathing. In the heat of routine when our prestige and name is on stake in a board room, how could we focus on being connected with our oxygen flow; when all we want is to cuss and scream. It is like living the paradox, preaching something very glossy which is not practically possible in world full of struggles and practicalities.
There are many methods and further details around meditation and being mindful which we can read and learn as per our interests, however the need is not to learn all but to practice the basic at least.
The point is in being consistent, do it regularly. Even when it does not seem to help in any way, give it more time. When the dose of stress and negativity is regularly fed, it is necessary that we take pit stops of positivism also regularly. Few points that drive us away from following the practices of mindfulness; that also can be used as motivation to carry on with it.
• Don’t fall in the trap of being labeled as boring and uncool. Just take a look at the followers of the posts and podcasts of the famous people around this. In nutshell we all need those silent and deep connected moments and love them too; but some unseen social label keeps us shy of talking and practising it.
• Take time out, make it a routine. Each one of us can take odd 10-30 minutes for ourselves. The world economy and sociopolitical scenario can wait that much for us, rest assured.
• It is a task being done by you, for you and on you. Before you launch yourself as a preaching guru, focus on yourself as a disciple and see you improve daily. Your target should be a refined version of yours.
• Sincere intent plays a major role here. Without the intent to see the mistakes and improve them, nothing can help us. We first have to agree that there is something for us to look at, learn from and improve daily in ourselves.
• After initial static practice, try to carry it with you. Keep checking yourself periodically in the day. These periodic checks can provide us as on the pointed vision on our scope of improvements. This can save us from the introspection further. Memory can fail us , so why take risk.
• Try and do one task at a time. Multitasking may sound cool, but what is the hurry to finish everything today when we are aiming to live years and enjoy the investment returns. Be slow and focused on your to do list.
• Introduce it to kids, this will save them the struggle later. Early year routines have more chances of developing into habits and stay longer with us.

To sum it up, please be assured that it is tough and labeled as crazy, and nothing can make it easy. The only hope we have is that if we stick to it, it will surely stay with us throughout and help us. Start experiencing each act of yours rather than just acting it, live the character you are and you will naturally be mindful. We may talk as much as we want, write about it; however the realization of impact lies in experiencing it. Give it a try and live it.


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