Life Resides in Centre

Plants have always fascinated me. Shift to Gurgaon and more living space allowed me to pursue long held liking for plants.

But it was frustrating when I lost those due to over watering or under watering, lack of sunlight or extra sunlight. During one visit to nursery, I cribbed about this to the nursery caretaker. “It is simple madam, maintain balance”, the caretaker quipped busy in his task. Those words left me amazed.

Nature indeed tells us much about balance. Life lives in center; proof is the spinal cord. It is this cord in center that regulates the movement of the organs on left and right. The whole point is to maintain the balance when the life pulls you to extremes. It is a struggle to hold the ground when the mind asks you to cross to extremes. Sant Kabir Das puts it this way.

अति का भला न बोलना, अति की भली न चूप,
अति का भला न बरसना, अति की भली न धूप।

Saint Kabir


Learner for life, from life

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