Man and the lost friend

Nature and it’s creations

Human being and nature are said to be contemporaries. Human life thrives on the large expanses of flora and fauna on earth. Our ancestors were closely associated with the nature around them. Their relation with nature was of admiration, fear and also sacred. Over the period, the human race has progressed well and with this progress we have moved away from nature. We have lost the connect with our blissful companion. Though we still harness the nature’s gifts; yet we never take it beyond the bouquet of resources. We plan for nature’s conservation out of our fear to lose out on these resources; but we never do that out of fear to lose a friend.

For the stoics throughout the human genre; nature has been a source of inspiration and learning. Nature has inspired numerous inventions. Albert Einstein is said to be fond of spending time in forest to look for inspirations and finding answers. He has famously quoted;

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”.

Nature’s mysteries have the power to humble us in every way. There is enough amazement in nature to keep us hooked. We need to open our senses to these magical things around. Advancement of technology and too much entertainment at hand has made man a captive of his own invention. We are boxed in our own virtual creations and mostly baffled by equally virtual problems.

Spending time in nature is said to help destress. It helps our senses to look beyond the limited sphere of our property on earth and enjoy mother nature’s magic. From the different smells, wonderful sounds filling the air; life has so much to explore.

Being in nature allows us to feel the silence. We need to be quiet to connect with nature. If we carry our baggage of noise; the entire experience is ruined. We are today so absorbed in the noise around us; we feel uncomfortable being quiet. So, we always try to fill the air around with some noise. Even when we go out, we try to be on phone or play some music in our earphones. This is not real nature time. To be aligned with nature just be there with all your senses. Absorb the sight, the sound, the smell and the feel of life around you.

Nature tells us to be patient. The developments in nature take their own patient time but the results are worth the wait. Today, we are so overwhelmed with speed. Everything claims to be superfast. “Blink and have it”; is the new standard. This pace is taking toll on our mental health. Spend some time in nature and enjoy the physical time. Free yourself from the clutches of the clock time.

When we allow our minds to open up to mysteries of nature we learn to look beyond the obvious. Spending time in nature helps to enhance the critical and analytical thinking. Children of this age are most affected. The new life scape does not give them opportunities to connect with nature. They are introduced to the virtual so soon that they lose out on experiencing the amazing reality of nature around them.

Let us make an effort to bring nature into our routine. The long-lost friend is waiting for us. Spend some time with him to share and grow. I will leave you with the below words from Henry David Thoreau; to ponder over this little more.

“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.”

Post inspired from book: The Eight Master Lessons of Nature


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