Acknowledge the act of gratitude

The above quote leaves no further scope to explain the adjective gratitude. We all will agree with the fact that gratitude has the power to drive lives in positive and constructive way. Sense of gratitude keeps us humble; proactive and prolific mention of gratitude makes the world open for love and share. Gratitude has the capability of binding beyond the known.
Every conclusion and beginning should give us a reason for taking an account of our gratitude list. With the new year start as we conclude one decade and advance into new one, let us chart out our points of gratitude that fixated our belief in life around us.
Each one of us can have our own points and list but some general reasons that apply to all of us can be
• Every positive thing that happened to us, we can thank the source of same who could be known or unknown.
• Every tough part we lived through that made us to realise the depth of our patience and grit.
• We can thank for every shared moment with helping neighbour we found, soothing colleague who shared our professional woes, considerate passenger we travelled with.
• There is so much chaos and hatred around us yet if we see around we find open hearts and smiling faces that greet us. Let us wear that smile of gratitude back and be a part of someone’s gratitude list.
Make your own list and see how much you owe to the people around you. It is good to mention it to the people one to one and let them know about it if you can get hold of them. Irony of life is that the negative expressions have such a thrust that they find their expression naturally but when it comes to positive things we find ourselves struggling to express them. Thank You is taught in pre primary classes and introduced as a golden word to kids. Alas we choose to leave it behind in those school corridors. Let us start to notice the positive acts and mention it also so that the person knows the extra he has done other than just living the moment. Your act of gratitude here can act as a act of motivation for someone.
Keep noticing and keep mentioning ….Wish you a very happy 2020 and prosperous 2020s.


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