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Hello for the first time in 2020, hope you all had a great New Year start and were able to feel the warmth of thankfulness for the great moments of 2019. As we started the year with the discussion around the greatest of virtues, hope others follow us in life and we are able to reciprocate same back.
When you are in the state of awareness about something around you, you are able to naturally see that across in your and other’s behavior.
Few days back after returning home in evening, my son greeted me enthusiastically at the gate. He had some new drawing done in school that he wanted to show me. As I was quite exhausted from full day work and travel, I just nodded and told him to have patience for discussing details around it. Disappointed with the response he left the topic. Afterwards we had discussion on daily things and homework and tasks not done properly in day. Once settled in the evening, I recalled his drawing and turned to enquire on it. He said it does not matter and is not as significant to talk about it. I felt a slicing gap between us sitting just few meters apart. The thing that was keeping him so enthusiastic an hour before has suddenly lost interest. What killed the opportunity to connect here? My indifferent response and lack of appreciation for new attempt he made. I may have my reasons of tiredness to justify my behavior but the way lack of appreciation killed joy and enthusiasm struck with me.
The above anecdote is not a definite sketch but it is something that we face often. To get appreciation for the effort we put, is a natural response we expect. Our daily acts revolve around proving ourselves and the appreciation we get for it is the success parameter. This is true in personal as well as professional arena. At times, a small mention on the effort someone has made does wonders to boost the person’s morale and adds to his further performance. We all do not have capacity to give a materialistically measurable appreciation like a monetary reward, gift or something grand. In such cases, we tend to ignore the appreciation part completely. This leads to the culture where everything is seen as routine and mundane. A dash of few great words on the daily effort can change the complete scenario. Materialistic parameters tend to grow periodically and can never be part of routine. On routine basis, we can only add to our psychological positivity through acts of being observant and grateful.
In whatever capacity we hold, in personal and professional life, let us appreciate the effort put by others. The main reason for not appreciating is not actually the lack of intent but the lack of understanding. We think only the toughest jobs and greatest tasks deserve appreciation or mention. The definition of “greatest and toughest” here is again a subjective matter. We keep calculating and measuring most of the time and miss the opportunities.
Appreciation does not need a threshold to cross but an observant behavior to see the effort put by someone. Simpler tasks only lead to great accomplishments. It is the simpler things that need appreciation. If everyone chose to leave the routine and only do exceptional things, life will come to a stop. It takes as much effort to do the mundane task as a new thing daily.
Changing the perception can make us more open to appreciate people around us. Let us just see the effort with no measure tape attached to it. We can feel the change in our and as well as others zeal on being appreciated.
When we appreciate others, it tends to make them aware about the beauty of being observant and appreciative. This makes them also to reciprocate in same way. This can create a cycle of mutual respect and admiration.


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